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New post September 4, 2011 (updated April 11, 2013) September 4, 2011

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Okay. So this is only my second post to my very first WordPress blog. I originally stated that this was my sixth blog. At the time, it was.

Since *that* post, I have launched a few more blogs over at Blogger.com, the home of most of my other blogs. This blog is truthfully probably my ninth or tenth blog over all.

Anyway. Part of the reason I’ve only done one WordPress blog up until now was I was not able to blog from my BlackBerry Curve 8330 as I am now. Before, I was not aware a BlackBerry app existed that would allow me to blog from my phone. I found that app today (while looking for an entirely different app, of course).

Even my preferred blogging platform, Blogger.com, does not have an app for BlackBerry phones. Or at least not for *my* old warhorse, anyway. 😉 However, I could and believe I still can blog through their website through my BlackBerry’s browser & that’s almost as good as an app.

What I’ve discovered today that still bums me out is that even with a WordPress app on my BlackBerry that allows me to post from my phone? I *still* can’t launch a *new* WordPress blog from my phone. Can’t tell exactly why not. Not sure if it’s because I need to enable Java which this 8330 can’t do or what.

That’s the advantage of Blogger.com, as far as I’m concerned. I have launched several of my Blogger.com blogs from my BlackBerry, even without an app on my phone. In fact, I’ve launched most of my blogs on Blogger.com using my phone. Mostly because I could. And because it’s so easy.

As it stands right now, if I want to launch a new WordPress blog, and I’ve got dozens of blogs just waiting for me to get around to launching them, I will have to log on to WordPress.com from a computer connected to the internet. Kind of a hassle; extra steps I’d rather not have to take.

I must also confess I still like Blogger.com’s background choices better, too, as they are way easier to choose and change and, so far as I can tell, they’re all free.

WordPress.com does offer free backgrounds but far too many of the ones I’d like to use cost money. Usually $75 for the life of the blog. Sometimes more sometimes less. But with my finances being tight like they are for now? I can only afford to use free themes.

But, for me at least, blogging has taken the place of hosting my own website. Doing *that* back in the day cost money every month that I had to pay Yahoo.com for hosting my domain and however many gigs of space I used or whatever it was.

I also had several pages, all linked together, each with its own theme, platform and content. I could add as many pages as I wanted, and did, but I also had to know HTML and how to use it. That was fine at the time but was also a really huge hassle in retrospect. I’ve since forgotten most of my HTML knowledge, sadly.

So, because my website was costing money every month and was not generating many or any hits *or* more importantly any income, I had to take the site down and abandon it because it was an on-going expense we could no longer justify. So I was really bummed about that.

But then I discovered blogging and the joy I get out of it and the fact that I can do it for free makes it even more enjoyable. Plus, I can launch as many blogs as I can maintain and want and each can have its own platform and content (and theme) and so far they’re all *free*.

And what with having an in-depth profile and having nearly all of my blogs listed in my profile, each with its own unique title and link, it’s almost like having my website back. And, if at some point I figure out how to make money with any or all of them, more will be the better.

So for now, this one blog at WordPress.com will be my only WordPress blog. If I’m going to have any more blogs hosted here, I’ll have to launch them through a computer. Much as I’d rather not have to. I’m going to see about doing that in a little bit here so, for now at least, I’ll upload this post.

Sunday afternoon 4pm
September 4, 2011

And I just realized it’s been almost a year since my first far shorter post. Wow. That’s a little bit too long between posts.

Hopefully, now that I can post from my BlackBerry as well as a computer (which I’m doing from this part of the post underneath the date) I’ll be posting a bit more frequently.

(As of April 11, 2013, I now blog primarily from a Samsung Stratosphere Android-based smartphone and have for over a year. Still have the old BlackBerry Curve mentioned above, but mostly because I have so much of my writing stuff still stored on it that I can’t just get rid of it until I get all that off the phone altogether. So it’s just easier to hang onto it.

I actually now have WordPress *and* Blogger apps for my Android phone…but strangely enough? Though I now use WordPress *more* than Blogger, I *still* cannot launch a new blog from the WordPress app. Two years later.

I have addressed this complaint to and with WordPress on several occasions and, so far, to this date? That feature remains glaringly omitted from the WordPress Android app.

Worse? WordPress has *never* even answered or addressed my complaint or even acknowledged there is a “problem” at all. They’ve completely side-stepped dealing with it, even. And I must say I find it very hard to believe I’m their only blogger who has noticed this issue.)

I’m also hoping to launch at least one new WordPress blog from this computer today. If I can. Maybe more. I’ve become a bit of a blogaholic, it would seem. I’ve launched close to a dozen so far and as I mentioned earlier in this post, I still have a dozen or more waiting to be launched.